Conveyor simplifies and automates getting data into Elastic--so you can focus on exploiting your data.

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Quick Install

curl -L -O https://github.com/samtecspg/conveyor/releases/download/v1.4.0/conveyor-v1.4.0.zip
unzip conveyor-v1.4.0.zip
cd conveyor-v1.4.0
docker-compose up

About Conveyor

  • Feed Elastic

    Conveyor is the easy button to get data into Elastic from a variety of sources. Just create a channel. You can even automate it.

  • Data from Any Source

    Use our prebuilt ones or author your own source templates to support new or proprietary data sources too.

  • Exploit Your Data

    Unleash the power of Kibana visualizations (and other fabulous Elastic plugins) to exploit your data—all in one place.