Build more than mere chatbots.
Build intelligent agents with Articulate.

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Get Started

  • Git Started

    Every piece of Articulate is open source. Head on over to Github and download our latest release to get started with a self hosted version of Articulate. On premise or in the cloud, it's your choice.

  • Request Trial

    If you're wanting to get started with Articulate and don't want to bother provisioning your own server and getting it running, then sign up for a free trial. We'll do the hard work for you.

  • Simple Slot Filling

    Slot filling and linear dialog are bread and butter for many chatbots. Articulate makes it simple to collect user input and take action once all information has been gathered.

    Use Cases:

    • Multi channel authentication methos
    • simple or advanced form filling
    • Data collection and management
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Create a chatbot that answers frequently asked questions without any coding. Once your agent needs more than simple FAQs use powerful webhooks to interact with any system.


    • Business hours, location, return policy
    • Common product questions
    • Basic computer troubleshooting
  • Deep Branching Dialog

    Guide the user through a complicated conversation by combining slot filling where the users responses guide the flow down different branches of the conversation.

    Use Cases:

    • Order lookup, modifications, and cancellations
    • Replace antiquated enterprise UIs with voice and chat interfaces
    • Advanced trouleshooting flows

A Complete Infrastructure

Articulate is a complete infrastructure for intelligent agents. It uses Rasa for Natural Language Understanding, Redis for quick lookups, Elasticsearch for logging and analytics that don't miss a thing, and Duckling for enhanced date and time parsing.

  • Focus on Simplicity

    The design of Articulate strives to make development of basic and advanced agents as simple as possible. Think something it confusing, let us know!

  • Open Source built on Open Source

    Articulate uses some of the best open source platforms available for natural language understanding and data storage. In turn all of the Articulate code is Apache 2.0 licensed.

  • Advanced Dialogue made easy

    Master a few concepts: action chaining, slots, modifiers, and webhooks and your agent will be able to do anything you want it to.

  • Configurable NLP with spaCy and tensorFlow

    Rasa NLU exposes a lot of power to its users through pipeline customization. Articulate passes that power onto it's developers.